Brothers inflict brutal injuries on Sydney hotel manager, set to walk free from jail next year

Leonie Ryan

Two brothers who left a Sydney hotel manager with “life-changing injuries” after a vicious assault will walk free from jail as early as next year.

Kye Smith and Corey Lucas were drunk and disorderly when they attacked Keighery Hotel assistant manager Tony Pearson for asking the men to leave.

The Auburn attack left Mr Pearson with a fractured skull, breaks to his nose, collarbone and jaw and missing teeth, with the 27-year-old father forced to undergo brain surgery.

The Auburn crime scene. Source: 7News

The assault happened in June 2015 after the brothers had downed beers “all day” and began arguing with patrons inside the facility.

The court heard the duo repeatedly punched Mr Pearson to the face before Lucas delivered one final, sickening blow by kicking the 27-year-old in the head.

Part of the assault was captured on camera. Source: 7News

Despite the seriousness of the assault, a Sydney judge found the men acted on “impulsive” rather than a “premeditated attack”.

It was found the men “overreacted” when one of the brothers was pushed towards the exit after failing to leave.

Victim Tony Pearson. Source: 7News

The brothers were sentenced to three years’ jail for the brutal assault, but given time already served, both men could walk free next year.

Lucas will be eligible for parole in January while Smith could be released by July.

Mr Pearson declined to comment as he left court on Friday.

Brothers Kye Smith and Corey Lucas. Source: 7News