Broken Toilet Makes United Airlines Flight A Very Crappy Experience

Passengers aboard a United Airlines flight on Friday had a truly crappy experience thanks to a broken toilet.

United Airlines Flight 59 had just taken off from Frankfurt, Germany, and was headed for San Francisco when the contents of at least one of the plane’s toilets overflowed, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Those onboard were forced to endure the terrible odor of feces as the toilet’s waste entered the cabin.

Although pilots conferred with ground engineers for options to deal with the situation, they eventually decided to return the Boeing 777 aircraft to Frankfurt, presumably before the passengers raised an even bigger stink.

Travelers were given hotel rooms for the night before being booked on other, hopefully less smelly flights.

The toilet mishap comes when both United Airlines and Boeing are dealing with safety issues.

This year, United has had several potentially dangerous incidents, including having to make an early landing after a plane’s wing started coming apart midflight, another plane losing a tire during takeoff, and a nose wheel detaching during takeoff.

Meanwhile, Boeing has had its own problems, such as in January when a door panel blew off an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9 plane just after takeoff.