The creepy video left on woman's phone by hotel room intruder

A British woman has been given the shock of her life after she found a creepy video message on her own phone from a stranger.

The video shows an unknown man in 18-year-old Meg Corrigan's hotel room that she was staying in.

"Be more careful with your stuff, if I can come in here anyone can," the man says on the video.

The unknown man sneaked into the girl's hotel room.
The unknown man sneaked into the girl's hotel room.

He ends it with a wink.

Meg was holidaying in Zante, Greece, with friends at the time the message was recorded.

She told The Mirror her and her friends were on their way to the airport when she found the clip.

Meg posted the clip to social media.

"In Zante a random boy came into our room because it was open, whilst everyone was on the balcony and left this video on docs phone, I am howling."

He ended the video with a wink.
He ended the video with a wink.

The creepy video has so far racked up 21,000 likes and 5,900 retweets.

"We actually didn’t find the video until we were on the bus back to the airport," Meg said.

"The boy that videoed himself had been shouting at us the full week to shut our doors because it was unsafe, but mine and my friends doors were right in front of each other so we knew we would be alright.