British tourist loses it over spider at Aussie zoo: 'That’s insane'

The woman who was waiting for the croc show with her family did not anticipate this.

When visiting Queensland's Australia Zoo, a British tourist was not expecting to get so close and personal with a creature that wasn't even on display to the public.

Stephanie Cara was seated for the famous crocodile show with her family on Monday, when a "huge" huntsmen spider "crawled out from under (their) seat."

Seemingly not used to encountering Australia's arachnids, the woman was clearly rattled and recorded the whole hilarious affair on her phone as zoo guests scrambled to put some distance between themselves and the spider.

"That’s insane" she shouted. "Theres no way, no fricken way."

A photo of a baby huntsmen at Australia zoo amongst seats. Another photo of A British tourist visiting Australia Zoo who was mortified when a huge huntsmen crawled out from under her seat.
A British tourist visiting Australia Zoo was mortified when a huge huntsmen crawled out from under her seat. Source: TikTok/stephaniecara22

The creepy crawly, which appears to be a baby huntsmen, got the whole row standing up before the show started, prompting one attendee to try gently catch the spider and relocate it.

"Are you going to be right?" she says worriedly to the man, even suggesting "someone from the zoo" should come get it.

"Don’t try to be a hero here."

When he tries placing it in an empty plastic cup, the huntsmen scatters away. At this point Ms Cara, as well as some nearby children, can be heard screaming.

"Oh my god," she shouts.

But not long after, the patron successfully manages to get the spider in the plastic cup, using a brochure as a lid, causing everyone to give him a round of applause.

"You are so brave, well done," Ms Cara calls out.

Social media users react to huntsmen

The video has been viewed almost 274,000 times, with other non-Aussies being just as shocked.

"I'll stay right her in the UK cold and always wet rather than see this," one person said on TikTok.

"Omg I would run and never stop running! This is absolute horror for me," another said.

"And that's why Australia is not on my list of places to visit," a third person said.

However others made light of the situation and the dramatic response by the tourists, joking that the spider simply wanted to watch the show.

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