BGT fans think contestant awkwardly 'outed' Alesha Dixon singing secret

One semi-finalist seemed to reveal that the Britain's Got Talent judge's big performance was actually a pre-record.

LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 16: Alesha Dixon attends the
One Britain's Got Talent act appeared to reveal an Alesha Dixon secret. (WireImage)

Britain's Got Talent viewers were left laughing as a semi-finalist appeared to accidentally reveal Alesha Dixon's big performance was actually pre-recorded.

More than an hour before the TV judge and singer took to the stage, magician Trixy began his own act by congratulating her on her performance - flagging up that it wasn't airing live.

Viewers were also stunned by Trixy's "mind-blowing" calculator trick that correctly named the date and time through a series of random sums.

Trixy congratulated Alesha Dixon on her performance...before it aired. (ITV/YouTube)
Trixy congratulated Alesha Dixon on her performance...before it aired. (ITV/YouTube)

If Britain's Got Talent viewers were expecting Alesha Dixon's big semi-final performance to be live, one contestant managed to let the cat out of the bag with an innocent comment.

Magician Trixy began his performance by greeting the judges, and congratulated Dixon on her performance - leading to some slightly awkward smiles.

With more than an hour of the show still to go before she was due to perform, viewers quickly picked up on the moment she seemed to be outed over whether it was live.

One viewer wrote on X: "Obsessed with Trixy outing Alesha for prerecording her “live” performance."

Someone else commented: "Trixy accidentally dropping it in that Alesha’s performance is pre-recorded."

Another person wrote: "Anyone else notice that he gave the game away and said great performance Alesha…. Guessing #BGT did a little bit of early filming…." as someone else added: "#BGT magician just revealed Alesha's performance later is a pre-rec (laughing emoji)."

Trixy's big finale to his act included bringing back former contestant Toni Kaku, known for his catchphrase: "Don't worry, I'm wearing pants!" which Simon Cowell admitted was his son Eric's favourite act ever.

Despite the awkward start, Trixy stunned viewers with a calculator trick that was labelled "mind-blowing".

He asked viewers to play along by entering a series of random numbers given by the judges into their calculators as a sum, coming up with the answer 315,823 which he pointed out was the exact date and time.

Watch: Trixy's semi-final Britain's Got Talent performance

One viewer commented on X: "He got me with that calculator trick I can’t lie" as someone else added: "Your whole performance was pure magic Trixy! How did that even work."

Another impressed viewer wrote: "Oh my word! 31st May, 8.23pm Was that mind-blowing or was that mind-blowing" and another person agreed: "How did the calculator trick work?! I don’t understand!"

One person added: "Following on at home Interactively is (clapping emoji) 8.23 .... To the Second. Still Scratching my Head!" "How did he do that? It really was 31.5 and 823 PM!" commented someone else.

But one viewer thought they had worked it out: "And and Dec are in on it - They started off with 315,823 and pressed minus every time a number came out, giving matey their “random” six digit number. Took me a minute though. Good trick."

Britain's Got Talent: The Final airs on ITV1 at 7.30pm on Sunday.