Brit holidaymaker reportedly arrested after groping air stewardess on Majorca flight

Holidaymakers in Majorca in 2021 (stock photo) (AFP via Getty Images)
Holidaymakers in Majorca in 2021 (stock photo) (AFP via Getty Images)

An airline has condemned the “absolutely unacceptable behaviour” of a passenger who was arrested after allegedly sexually assaulting an air stewardess on a flight to Majorca.

A spokeswoman for Jet2 said: “We can confirm that police met flight LS869 last night to offload a disruptive passenger who displayed a catalogue of absolutely unacceptable behaviour whilst onboard.

“As a family friendly airline we take a zero tolerance approach to such behaviour and we will fully support the authorities with any subsequent investigations."

The 26-year-old man was held when the plane from Manchester landed in Spain after the woman said she had been groped during the flight.

Two female passengers who also alleged he touched them without consent did not press charges.

The man, who was reportedly drunk and abusive on the flight, was arrested at Palma Airport on Thursday by the Spanish Civil Guard on suspicion of sexual assault.

He is reported to have appeared in court on Friday where a magistrate ruled he should be dealt with under UK law because the incident happened in mid air and both parties are British and were on a British flight.

Spanish police have been approached for comment.