Brisbane mother-of-two sets new burpee world record

A Brisbane mother-of-two has smashed out more than 1300 burpee exercises in an hour, to break the world record for women.

Personal trainer Kate Beeley started training for the world record attempt in October and managed an incredible 1321 burpees in just 60 minutes.

"I feel absolutely shattered," she said moments after smashing the world record.

"I potentially probably hit it a bit hard in the first 10 minutes … probably excitement.

"I changed my strategy at that stage and tried to get back in the zone."

The 40-year-old said she was determined to make the most of the hour and beat the previous record of 1272.

"It's all about committing to something and seeing it through," she said.

But it wasn't all no pain, no gain for the inspirational mum of two, who said she was forced to dig deep early on in the record attempt.

"In all honesty … (the pain) happened really early on in the piece," she said.

Ms Beeley has been training for the attempt since October. Picture: 7 News

"Probably in the section between the 11th minute and 20th minute where my quads were absolutely just locking up.

"I totally thought in my own head ‘how am I going to make this hour?’."

But Ms Beeley pushed on to claim the record in front of a packed audience.

The 40-year-old completed the world record attempt at 6.30am on Monday morning.