Not cool! Man fined for taking his fridge on Brisbane train

A man learned the hard way that he can't use Queensland Rail as a removal service when he was fined for attempting to take a fridge onto a Brisbane train.

Queensland Rail security released the video of the man's attempt at moving the oversized item on to the train.

The footage shows the man pushing the fridge on a hand trolley into a station lift.

The man attempts to put the fridge in the lift. Photo: Facebook / Queensland Rail

He then manages to get the fridge into a waiting train at the Bowen Hills platform before security guards catch him out.

The guards direct the man back off the train with his fridge and fine him $252 as well as an extra fine for fare evasion.

This isn't the only time someone has attempted to manoeuvrer a large item onto a train.

The man appears to struggle getting the fridge in the elevator. Photo: Facebook / Queensland Rail
He is caught by rail security who fine him $252. Photo: Facebook / Queensland Rail

A second video shows a man taking a lounge off a train at Bowen Hills.

He leaves it on the platform for a while and then moves it into a lift.

The man then grabs a shopping trolley to help him move it the rest of the way.

Queensland Rail's Justine Scarff told ABC News that people aren't allowed to take oversized items on trains.

The man exited the train with a lounge. Photo: Facebook / Queensland Rail
He leaves the lounge on the platform for some time. Photo: Facebook / Queensland Rail

They need to be able to fit into a suitcase or under the seat.

"We obviously need to be mindful of other people travelling; trains are for people, they aren't for fridges and couches unfortunately," she said.

"I hope he decided to book a removalist as we would encourage people to do, or call up one of his mates with a ute."

Ms Scarff said in another instance someone was caught with a lawnmower on the train.

"We've even had a glass eye left behind, and a front door, there are some weird and wacky things that happen across the network."