Brian May and Jean-Michel Jarre in concert in Bratislava

Brian May and Jean-Michel Jarre in concert in Bratislava

Jean-Michel Jarre lit up the skies over Bratislava with his "Bridge from the Future" concert on Sunday evening.

The French electronic music pioneer was headlining the Starmus festival.

He was joined by Brian May, guitarist with Queen and co-founder of the gathering in Slovakia.

Jean-Michel Jarre promised that his performance would not be "just another music concert", but a genuine _"_civic event at the heart of Europe".

The event attracted more than 100,000 people.

Jarre, who describes the fears aroused by artificial intelligence as unfounded, used AI to design the fireworks and laser shows for his performance. These were also visible from neighbouring Austria and Hungary.

The stage, the largest ever built in Slovakia, was designed by the singer-songwriter and erected over more than a month by a team of more than 100 people working day and night. The installation included hundreds of kilometres of cables, 21 screens, 150 spotlights and over 170 tonnes of equipment.

The concert included 19 pieces spanning Jean-Michel Jarre's career, including a new arrangement of Antonin Dvořák's "New World Symphony".

Conceived by astrophysicist Garik Israelian and Queen guitarist Brian May, the Starmus festival combines the arts and sciences.

The theme of the 2024 edition of the festival was "Starmus Earth: the future of our planet". The programme included talks by some 50 astronauts and scientists on climate change, AI and cybersecurity.

"Bridge from the Future" was broadcast live on Jean-Michel Jarre's YouTube channel free of charge and is available for the next 7 days. The Starmus festival runs until 17 May.