Brave young Aussie dies just weeks after shock diagnosis

Loved ones say they'll always remember Colmer's love for her family and friends and her humour — which remained until the very end.

A young woman who died just weeks after being diagnosed with cancer is being remembered for her "sense of humour, her giggle and her ability laugh while sick in a hospital bed".

South Australian Ashlee Colmer found out just two months ago she was sick, being diagnosed with T-cell leukaemia on November 26. The 28-year-old at first thought she'd contracted the flu, with her symptoms lasting around six weeks.

Eventually she decided to check herself into hospital after being bedridden at home. She would never check out.

Ashlee Colmer with her husband Brayden.
Ashlee Colmer, pictured with her husband Brayden, died just two weeks after receiving a cancer diagnosis. Source: The Adelaide Advertiser.

Aussie's shock diagnosis

The nail tech artist, who married her long-term partner Brayden in 2021, quickly found out at the Royal Adelaide Hospital she had blood cancer, a condition that eventually claimed her life on January 10.

"She was so brave, putting optimism and hope right up here, talking about remission, future plans," her cousin Megan Atze told The Advertiser. "She never got discharged. [She had] lots of tests, blood transfusions, chemo."

Colmer's bravery, humour remembered

Loved ones say they'll always remember Ashlee's love for her family and friends and her humour — which remained until the very end. Her family say she demonstrated total bravery throughout her treatment, even shaving her head herself during chemo.

"Her marriage with Brayden was really strong," Ms Atze said. "He spent lots of nights with her in the hospital. I will always remember her sense of humour, her giggle, her ability to gossip, joke, laugh while sick in a hospital bed.

Ashlee Colmer is pictured here on her wedding day with her mum.
Ashlee pictured here on her wedding day. Source: The Adelaide Advertiser.

"I [saw] her one week prior, [she was] still eating, drinking, talking, laughing, making jokes and most importantly, still online shopping." Sadly, those orders will arrive without Ashlee being there to collect them.

She is survived by her husband Brayden, father Kevin, mother Lisa, stepfather Duane and brother Ben. A fundraiser to cover Colmer's funeral costs can be found here.

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