Brave woman confronts Russian soldier: 'What the f*** are you doing here?'

A Ukrainian woman has been filmed confronting a Russian soldier.

The woman was filmed speaking with the soldier in Henichesk in Ukraine’s south.

He’s standing on the street with an army helmet on in full camouflage with a rifle hanging off his shoulder.

According to translators, the woman asks him: “What the f*** are you doing here?”

He asks her to leave and tells her he does not want the situation to escalate.

A Ukrainian woman confronts a Russian soldier in the street.
A woman has been hailed a hero for confronting a Russian soldier on the streets of Ukraine. Source: Twitter/ Hanna Liubakova

She calls him and the army “fascists” and “enemies”.

“'You should put sunflower seeds in your pockets so that they will grow on Ukrainian land after you die,” she says.

She also recorded the confrontation herself and shared it online.

On Twitter, people lauded her bravery as a “bad a***” in speaking with the soldier.

One woman called her bravery “amazing”.

“I just got the chills,” another woman tweeted.

Another man called it “powerful” and said it reminded of the famous image of the Chinese man who stood facing tanks in Tiananmen Square in Beijing on June 5, 1989.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a video address that 137 “heroes,” including 10 military officers, had been killed and 316 people wounded.

The dead include all border guards on the Zmiinyi Island in the Odesa region, which was taken over by Russians.

Fearing a Russian attack on the capital city, thousands of people went deep underground as night fell, jamming city subway stations.

At times it felt almost cheerful. Families ate dinner. Children played. Adults chatted. People brought sleeping bags or dogs or crossword puzzles — anything to alleviate the waiting and the long night ahead.

But the exhaustion was clear on many faces. And the worries.

Anton Mironov spent the night waiting out in one of the old Soviet metro stations

“Nobody believed that this war would start and that they would take Kyiv directly,” he said.

“I feel mostly fatigue. None of it feels real.”

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