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Boys praised for fast actions

Paramedics Ian Sinclair and Phil Stanaitis named Logan and Cullen Connolly Triple Zero Heroes at a school assembly. Picture: Kelly Bell

In Australia, the word hero is often associated with athletes, but unsung heroes can be found in every community.

Last week at a school assembly in Port Hedland, two brothers were recognised for their bravery when faced with a medical emergency.

Thursday, April 17, was a typical afternoon in the Connolly household - nine-year-old Cullen and seven-year-old Logan Connolly were watching television with their mother Cass Connolly. Moments after Mrs Connolly went to make a cup of coffee, she collapsed unconscious on the kitchen floor.

Springing to action, Cullen first calmed down his younger brother.

Recalling information he had been taught by St John Ambulance trainers during school-based first-aid sessions last year, Cullen quickly dialled 000, and again when the first call did not go through.

After sending Logan to alert a neighbour, Cullen followed the instructions of the emergency operator by rolling his mother on to her side and checking to make sure her airways were clear.

"My mum was on the floor and the ambulance (operator) said to roll her on her side," he said.

"There was one part that was really hard - to look down her throat - because her tongue (was in the way).

"I wasn't afraid … I knew I just had to toughen up."

While Cullen spoke to the operator, Logan found an adult, called his father and helped to check his mother was still breathing.

When the ambulance officers arrived, Logan met them in the driveway before Cullen provided a rundown of the situation - paramedic Ian Sinclair said it was the equivalent of receiving "a handover".

Mr Sinclair and Hedland St John sub-branch manager Phil Stanaitis attended St Cecilia's Catholic Primary School on Wednesday to surprise the Triple Zero Heroes at the school's morning assembly.

Mr Stanaitis said the actions of the brothers had dramatically affected the situation's outcome.

"One of the things that we found very frustrating, is that in a lot of the jobs we go to, when we arrive nothing has been done," he said.

"Cullen and Logan acted and that's the most important thing."