'Man punches pregnant girlfriend in stomach' in shocking social experiment

Krystal Johnson

A man can be heard yelling at his pregnant girlfriend before punching her in the stomach in a busy London street during a hoax prank which has sparked backlash on social media.

Trollstation posted the shock social experiment to Facebook, showing the man physically assaulting the pregnant woman.

In a shock turn of events most onlookers turned a blind eye to the act - while only a handful decided to intervene.

Nathan firstly accused his girlfriend of flirting with married man after she asked them for directions. Photo: Trollstation

The internet pranksters hired two actors, Nathan Brown and Amina Maz, to stage the violent row, however many have sinced argued that the 'prank' had gone too far.

Nathan can be heard repeatedly calling the woman "a fool" while the pair shopped for children's clothes.

A shop assistant approaches the pair asking them to leave the store for the sake of "the other customers".

"You know when I get home I am going to deal with her," the man can be heard telling the employee.

The shop assistant only wanted the pair removed because of

The second scene was filmed on a busy street in London showing Amina asking two men for directions before Nathan punches her in the stomach and flooring her.

"You're trying to flirt with married man," he yells.

"You're an issue, you know that you're a problem," he says grabbing her wrist just as two men walk away.

Most people who witnessed the altercation either stared or walked on without saying a word or trying to intervene.

This is the moment before Nathan fake punches Amina in front of a crowd of people, no one intervened. Photo: Trollstation
This is the shocking moment the actor punches the girlfriend in the face. Photo: Trollstation

Eventually a woman and man ask Nathan to leave the victim alone as they pull her up from the ground and escort her inside the restaurant.

The two actors reveal the ordeal was a social experiment and congratulate the pair for intervening.

Amina, 23, from London, told The Daily Mail that people obviously didn't want to put themselves in harm's way.

"I was quite shocked that people didn't intervene until the punch. I couldn't believe they were seeing an aggressor attacking a pregnant woman and not doing anything about it."

The video has since sparked backlash online with one user commenting they struggled to see the point in staging such a violent scene in public: “I like social experiments normally but really don’t get what this one achieves, other than a shock factor.”

Another user wrote: “You’re not accomplishing anything out of this! Do something that’s right and makes us feel good about the world!”

Facebook users are disgusted with the violent act. Photo: Facebook
Some users claim Trollstation is making a joke out of a serious situation. Photo: Facebook

One user commented on the prank: "That's not real, but I do think its a sick prank".

"So many people stand there and watch stuff like this happen then brag they was there when it happen... It's not one bit funny so many woman are getting seriously hurt from domestic violence and people take it as a prank!! Disgusting," another user commented.

The viral video comes just a week after another controversial social experiment video is revealed showing a woman breastfeeding a baby on a London tube while an actor heckles the woman to find out how other fellow passengers react to the situation.

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