Boy suffers concussion after 'annoyed' pregnant woman trips him up

A young child was diagnosed with a mild concussion after being tripped by a pregnant woman in a restaurant.

The incident, which has left many people shocked, was caught on surveillance footage in northern China on Thursday last week.

According to the South China Morning Post, the pregnant woman, who was eating at the time, had become angry after being hit by a plastic door curtain as the child dashed past her into the business.

In the short clip the diner, said to be seven months pregnant, can be seen deliberately putting her foot in the four-year-old’s path as he skips back towards the exit.

A pregnant woman has been caught on camera tripping a child in a Chinese restaurant. Source: South China Morning Post

The child, who reportedly suffers from a heart defect, flies forward and falls to the ground.

Reports claim the young boy had been running in to the store to fetch some chopsticks for his mother – who initially believed he had fallen over, and can be seen rushing to his aid in the video.

However her son told him the diner had tripped him. Others in the business also confirmed his story.

“I checked the CCTV and was so angry that I called the police,” the child’s mother reportedly said. 

The pregnant woman faced backlash online following the incident, and later turned herself into police.

A child reportedly received a mild concussion after being tripped in a restaurant. Source: South China Morning Post

One person wrote on Weibo, “As someone who is soon going to be a mother, this act is really shameful.”

The pregnant woman has reportedly apologised and said she would pay for medical costs.

According to the South China Morning Post authorities said the pregnant woman would be fined and detained however the boys mother said, “We do not wish to affect her. I have children myself. I can understand.”