Boy killed in crash ‘told brother not to drive’

Michelle Vella

Prosecutors in the trial of a young man accused of killing his younger brother in a car crash have told the court the victim had urged him not to get behind the wheel.

Michael Haverland was celebrating his 18th birthday at a pub in Burra, north of Adelaide, with his 16-year-old brother Jamie and some mates on December 12, 2009.

Prosecutors allege that around 4am Haverland was behind the wheel of a Ford Falcon when it smashed into a tree, killing Jamie, who was not wearing a seatbelt.

Another young man was also in the car.

Michael Haverland is accused of killing his younger brother in a car crash. Photo: 7News.

They told the court Haverland’s blood alcohol level was three and a half times the legal limit, that he was speeding and driving disqualified.

The court heard that shortly before they had set off from the pub, the brothers had had an argument and that the victim has told his older brother not to drive.

The jury was told neither Haverland nor the other friend can remember who was behind the wheel when the crash happened.

It heard that although Haverland’s serious injuries were consistent with him hitting the dashboard, the friend’s DNA was found on the steering wheel.

The trial continues.