Boy, 6, attacked by wallabies on Queensland sporting field

WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: A six-year-old boy has sustained horrific injuries after being attacked by wallabies while training on a sporting field in Cairns, North Queensland.

Koby was with members of his junior Aussie Rules team on Tuesday when two wallabies targeted him, knocking him to the ground and repeatedly jumping on him.

The young boy was covered in blood following the incident, which resulted in Koby having a significant gash across the top of his head.

The boy's large gash on his head after being attacked by wallabies.
The boy sustained injuries to his head after being attacked by wallabies. Source: Supplied

Koby also had scratches covering his torso and legs, according to Daymen Thomas, the junior vice president of the Centrals Juniors AFL Club.

Mr Thomas, who arrived at the scene following the attack, told Yahoo News Australia the coach heard Koby screaming and turned around to see him on the ground with two wallabies fearlessly jumping on him.

"He tried to fight them off and pick Koby up but the wallabies still tried to get around him to get back at Koby," he said.

Parents ran onto the field waving sticks in a bid to scare them off, but the coach's attempt to push them away eventually worked, Mr Thomas said.

Koby was rushed to the clubrooms and the other kids were removed from the field. That's when Mr Thomas arrived to see Koby "covered in blood".

"He'd been pretty badly beaten about. Koby was in a bit of shock, everybody was in shock," he said.

"The gash on Koby's head was very nasty and he's just so lucky it didn't go down his face. He rolled onto his stomach so they were jumping on his back."

A wallaby in a field.
Wallabies are an ongoing issue in the local area, Mr Thomas said. Source: Getty

The young boy was taken to the hospital by ambulance and treated for his injuries.

"I've seen the boy since, he's in good spirits. Kids bounce back pretty well," Mr Thomas said.

Mr Thomas said wallabies are an ongoing issue in the area and often populate the field.

But "an attack like this was pretty shocking," he said, admitting everyone involved is pretty shaken.

This incident occurred after a fence surrounding the field, which was designed to keep the wallabies out, had been removed.

"Everyone knows what kangaroos are capable of but wallabies are wild animals too," Mr Thomas said.

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