Boy, 4, accidentally burns down his own home

A little boy has accidentally burnt down his family’s home in Melbourne’s north.

Aceson Villa’s family home in Epping went up in flames on Sunday about 10pm.

It happened after the four-year-old’s mum, Jean, left food unattended on a stove and the curious little boy lit up a piece of paper.

Aceson took it back to his bedroom where it quickly spread.

Four-year-old Aceson Villa accidentally set fire to the family home after putting a piece of paper near the stove. Source: 7 News

His mum stepped outside for a cigarette and began to smell smoke. She ran back inside the home to find a bed smouldering.

Ms Villa grabbed a bucket of water to fight the blaze but by then the fire had spread to the entire bedroom.

Concerned neighbour Kevin Potter said the mum began to scream, looking for Aceson, but he had run next door.

Ms Villa and her little boy are now safe but they’ve lost everything.

‘There’s nothing left, we haven’t got anything,’ Aceson’s mum said. Source: 7 News

“There’s nothing left, we haven’t got anything,” Aceson’s mum said through tears.

“My son’s lost all his toys. It’s like a war zone in there right now.”

Metropolitan Fire Brigade Commander Dave Harris said it came as a reminder to monitor kids and make them aware of fire safety.

Jean Villa with her four-year-old son Aceson. Source: 7 News
Aceson managed to escape the blaze by running next door. Source: 7 News