Boy, 12, rapes six-year-old sister in attempt to re-enact Grand Theft Auto scenario

WARNING – DISTRESSING CONTENT: A 12-year-old boy reportedly raped his sister, 6, while trying to re-enact a scene from a video game, a court has heard.

The boy watched a sexual act in the game Grand Theft Auto, and Swindon Youth Court, in England, heard he recreated the scene on his sister on a number of occasions, The Independent reports.

It’s not clear which scene it was but GTA is rated for players aged 18 years and older, and players have the ability to pick up sex workers in the game.

The boy can’t be named but he was charged with three counts of rape and one of inciting a girl to engage in sexual activity.

A 12-year-old boy raped his sister, 6, after re-enacting a scene from the video game Grand Theft Auto. Source: Getty Images/file pic

The court heard he performed sexual acts on his sister while the adults were asleep or in another room but one occurred when another sibling was in the room.

Another occurred on Christmas Day.

The boy, who is now 13, pleaded guilty but can have the charges removed from his criminal record if he undergoes therapy.

Prosecutor Russell Pyne said the girl told a school friend about what her brother did and the friend told the teacher, The Mirror reported.

The teen was added to the sex offenders register for two-and-a-half years.

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