Boxer filmed punching defenceless dog walker in brazen daylight attack turns himself in

Ashlee Mullany

UPDATE: A man wanted by police over a brazen attack on a dog walker has turned himself in to police, a month after he walked free due to a court blunder.

Police had been hunting for David Mulligan after sickening video allegedly exposed him viciously attacking a defenceless dog walker in broad daylight as numerous people walk past in shock.

Victim Karl Nissen walked his two dogs on a Saturday morning in September 2014, unaware of the danger that was to come. Photo: 7 News
Mr Nissen's dogs started to scuffle with Mulligan's smaller dog in Alexandria, Sydney. Photo: 7 News

Mulligan was found guilty of the assault by three Supreme Court Judges over the disturbing attack, which was triggered by a fight between dogs being walked in Alexandria.

However, despite being arrested with the help of the shocking video which caught the attack, the judge refused to watch it but when he faced court for sentencing.

"Why would I want to watch the video if the facts are agreed?... I don't see how it's relevant frankly," Justice Maiden said after repeated requests by the prosecutor.

In the video, Mulligan can be seen ruthlessly punching victim Karl Nissen four times in the face while he holds his two dogs, unable to protect himself.

Video shows Mullgian pinning Mr Nissen up against a car and delivering a ruthless boxing style attack to his face while he holds his two dogs. Photo: 7 News

Mr Nissen was out walking in Alexandria on a Saturday morning back in September 2014 when there was a scuffle between his two boxers and Mulligan's small dog.

Instead of walking away, the 33-year-old snapped.

People walking past looked on in shock as Mulligan delivered four ruthless punches. Photo: 7 News

"Next thing I knew I'm up against a car and he's just laying into me," Mr Nissen said.

The force of the punches broke Mr Nissen's face in five places and he lost several teeth.

He has been left with numbness down one side of his face.

Mr Nissen was brutally injured in the attack. Photo: 7 News
Mr Nissen was brutally injured in the attack. Photo: 7 News

"It was pretty savage, my eye socket came up straight away," he said.

Mulligan walked free from court with a suspended sentence, despite a history of violence in his native Ireland.

David Mulligan was arrested over the attack but failed to show up for court. Photo: 7 News

Police appealed and this month three Supreme Court Judges said Judge Maiden should have viewed the video, finding that the sentence imposed was inadequate.

Mulligan was ordered to serve 12 months behind bars but was missing from his court appearance.

He has now turned himself in to police.