Boss's generous gift to employee who walked 30km to his first shift

A US college student’s new boss gave him a car after the 20-year-old walked almost 30 kilometres to get to his first shift.

Walter Carr’s vehicle failed him the night before he was set to start his new job and he did not know how to get to work.

When he was unable to get a ride with friends, the Alabama man decided to walk to his new workplace, a trip that could take seven hours, Daily News reported.

A US college student walked almost 30 kilometres overnight to make it to his new job on time. Source: GoFundMe/Thank You Walter

He was keen to impress his boss at the moving company and wanted to get to work early.

The 20-year-old student left his house at midnight and walked more than 22 kilometres before a kind-hearted police officers picked him up.

The officers took him for breakfast, to a church to rest and then dropped him off at his destination on Saturday morning.

Walter Carr hugs his new boss after finding out he had a new car. Source: Go FundMe/Thank You Walter
The boss was so impressed by Walter Carr’s dedication, he gifted him a new car. Source: GoFundMe/Thank You Walter

Jenny Lamey had hired Mr Carr to help her move house and said she admired his work ethic.

She wrote a Facebook post praising Mr Carr, which was seen by his boss, Bellhops CEO Luke Marklin.

Mr Marklin was so impressed he decided to reward Mr Carr with a car.

Ms Lamey also launched a GoFundMe page for the student and has raised over $94,000.

Walter Carr behind the wheel. Source: GoFundMe/Thank You Walter