Bondi Rescue lifeguard issues warning after 'scary' video of surfer in trouble

In the footage lifeguard Luke Faddy bravely dives into the wild waves as the surfer washes in against the rocks.

Terrifying video of a surfer gasping for air while being pounded by huge waves has been held up as a warning to Aussies entering the surf during hazardous conditions.

The footage was captured by a local at Tamarama in Sydney who praised Bondi Rescue lifeguard Luke Faddy for his "gallant" effort as he jumped into the ferocious waves with only "flippers and a rescue tube" to help the man in distress.

"In an increasing swell two surfers were cleaned up by a large set, one breaking his leg rope before getting caught in the rocks near the Twins," the bystander wrote online. "Big tip for anyone caught in this situation in the future, during a big east swell always go for Bronte."

Left, the surfer appears small in comparison to the large crashing waves with the lifesaver just out of shot. Right, the surfer gasps for air.
The surfer struggled to keep afloat while being battered by waves at Tamarama beach, with a lifeguard desperately trying to reach him. Source: Instagram

The surfer eventually made it safely back to shore after being swept by the rip to Bronte beach, just south of where the incident occurred, with the lifeguard also getting back safely.

Lifeguard reminds Aussies of 'best thing' to do

Tamarama beach is considered one of the most dangerous beaches in NSW as the deep water is infamous for rips. Head of Waverley Council lifeguards Bruce "Hoppo" Hopkins commended Faddy's effort to reach the surfer despite the "tough" conditions and said the situation is a "scary" reminder of the dangers involved in swimming in Australian waters.

"The best thing to do is actively float where you're treading water," he told Yahoo News Australia. "Don't try and swim back to the beach."

Left, Luke Faddy stands on rocks pointing to the surfer in the water. Right, Like tackles the large waves with a rescue float dragged behind him.
Lifeguard Luke Faddy was praised for his brave attempt to help the surfer, jumping into the large waves himself. Source: Instagram

"You're better off just floating and then you'll know which way the waters taking you and go with the flow of that water," Hoppo said, explaining locals are well-versed on what to do in the area as it is a "common" occurrence to be swept away by a rip, much like the surfer did in the video.

There have been a number of deaths recorded at Tamarama beach, with publisher Matthew Richell drowning in the area in 2014 while surfing, and another woman in her 50s during the same year.

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