Bondi 'hoarder house' to be sold despite family having 'bag of cash'

UPDATE: The owners of the infamous Bondi ‘hoarder house’ have lost their last minute injunction to prevent the sale of the home, despite turning up to court with $170,000 in a plastic bag.

News Corp reports that Magistrate Joanne Keogh was shown a bag of $100 notes by owner Elena Bobolas, her mother Mary and sister Liana which was given to them by 'friends'.

Waverley Council is seeking to force the sale of the home so legal fees and cleaning costs of $160,000 can be settled.

Magistrate Keogh reportedly dismissed the offer stating that despite the $170,000 being an “extraordinary offer” it had been made on the agreement that the debt would be paid in installments over five or six years.

“Whether in fact that offer would remain this afternoon, tomorrow, next month, it seems to me (the applicant Elena Bobolas) is still in some peril as to whether the debt will be paid," Magistrate Keogh added.

The Boblas family home was expected to sell at auction for up to $2million in the forced sale on Thursday night, but just an hour before the auction they received the injunction.

The home at 19 Boonara Avenue has been at the centre of the row with Waverley Council for 16 years.

The family have been in a battle with Waverley Council over many years.

The house and gardens are constantly piled high with rubbish and it is the third time the forced auction has been stopped and called off.

Previously it has been because the family has paid the outstanding money.

The saga now returns to court today.