Bondi Beach party called out after 'uncomfortable' find in sand

A spokesperson told Yahoo the clean-up for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardis Gras beach party in Bondi is still underway.

A beachgoer is urging others to take “responsibility” after reportedly stumbling across “a billion” cable ties scattered around Sydney’s Bondi Beach. The man said he noticed the pieces of black plastic “lying around” this week following a Mardis Gras beach party on the iconic shore.

“Some of them couldn’t resist the call of the ocean and are already starting their never-ending migrating journey,” he posted on a community Facebook page, tagging the Waverley Council and Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras organisers.

The local man standing on Bondi Beach holding a bundle of black cable ties in his hand.
A Bondi Beach man said he and other locals picked up many cable ties left behind after a party on the shore on Saturday. Source: Facebook

The local — who admitted he might “fall under the angry Karen category” — went on to say he was “very uncomfortable with the idea of us humans enjoying the ocean and living behind a big ‘deal with it’ sticker."

“I know it’s just a tiny drop in the ocean… but the symbol is huge and I felt like it’s our responsibility to speak up,” he continued before thanking the “couple of legends who felt the same” and helped him pick up some of the debris.

Locals say cable ties came from temporary fencing

A handful of people online speculated that temporary fencing was “the culprit” responsible for the cable ties. “Fencing contractor would have just snipped the zip ties and chucked the fencing on their truck,” one resident said. “Event staff should have done a final pass to pick/rake any leftover event rubbish.”

“It’s a fair complaint. Should be no trace left behind,” someone else added, while others said they had also seen them discarded on the ground after political elections.

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardis Gras beach party on Bondi Beach.
A spokesperson told Yahoo the clean-up for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardis Gras beach party in Bondi is still underway. Source:

Mardis Gras organisers say clean-up still underway

A spokesperson for Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardis Gras told Yahoo News the cable ties were found on Bondi Beach following the event because the “bump out of the Mardi Gras Bondi Beach Party” — the dismantling and removal of infrastructure — is still in progress.

“Our crews have been working on removing site infrastructure, clearing rubbish as they go,” they said on Tuesday.

“The final part of the bump out, which started today, involves a comprehensive sweep of the beach, including sand raking of the area to ensure that the site clear of rubbish and is left in the same condition as when we found it.”

A spokesperson for Waverley Council told Yahoo “event cleaning is run to a schedule, much like residential rubbish collection”.

“Site crews and a dedicated event cleaning contractor have been removing litter from the event site since the start of event set-up to after the conclusion of the event,” they said. “A final sweep of the area will take place once all event infrastructure and vehicles are out of the way. The image shared on Facebook was published prior to the final sweep, which is continuing.”

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