Bobcat breaks into family home, terrifies woman and two children

A mother and her two children had to lock themselves in their bathroom after a bobcat got into their house in New Jersey.

The Morris County family called police on Wednesday evening to report the animal had somehow gotten inside. reports officers opened all the doors and windows to try to get big cat outside.

The bobcat was snapped by a police officer before it got out of the house. Source: AP Images

Washington Township Police Sergeant Robert Oranchak said the bobcat left after about half an hour and it didn’t appear to be sick or rabid.

No one was injured during the incident and the bobcat didn't make contact with anyone, police said.

It’s not the first time a dangerous animal has broken into a house in the US.

Just recently a Colorado woman was left shocked after she realised someone or something had invaded her home.

On checking her security camera video she saw a black bear had somehow gotten into her living room.

The bear had climbed through an open window, roamed around and played the piano.

It also managed to get into the freezer to steal some food.

Newsbreak – June 12