Boat owner's 'crazy' mistake caught on camera: 'Amazing no one is dead'

So you think you’re having a bad day? Spare a thought for the owner of this boat in Perth.

Video, uploaded to Facebook, captured from a boat ramp in Mindarie shows the moment on Sunday the man made a crucial yet disastrous error while trying to exit the boat ramp.

After a quick misjudgement, the boat can be seen surging out of control and smashing into a ute.

A boat is seen crashing into the shoreline at the Mindarie boat ramp in Perth.
A boat crashed into the shoreline at Mindarie with witnesses shocked no one was killed. Source: Auxence Gide via Facebook/ Nigel Evans

The boat is seen slowly moving towards the shore when it suddenly accelerates, launching over a trailer and smashing into a ute before coming to a stop on dry ground.

It’s not exactly clear what caused the crash but it’s believed the person operating the boat accidentally went too hard on the throttle.

Nigel Evans, who claims he witnessed the crash, wrote that he “can’t believe nobody got killed”.

Andrew, the owner of the other boat and the ute, told WA Incident Alerts in video obtained by the West Australian, that he was towing his boat in when the other vessel accelerated towards him.

He managed to quickly flee.

“How the hell somebody didn’t get killed…” he said.

A boat seen on the Mindarie boat ramp in Perth after a crash.
The crash remains under investigation. Source: Facebook/ Nigel Evans

Mr Evans shared pictures of the aftermath on Facebook.

One man called the crash “crazy”.

“Amazing no one dead or seriously injured,” he wrote.

Others were left pondering how it all happened.

“How did he manage that?” one man wrote.

The WA Department of Transport Marine Division is investigating the incident.

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