Blue Lights viewers all say the same thing over assisted dying plot

Fans said the story was handled 'beautifully'

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Martin McCann stars in Blue Lights. (BBC)

Blue Lights viewers were moved by the “sensitive” way the BBC series explored assisted dying in its latest episode.

Monday night’s (April 29) instalment of the crime drama saw police called to a house following reports of a man dying under “suspicious” circumstances. It later turned out that there was a question about whether his husband Chris had helped him to die.

But officer Stevie Neil (Martin McCann) helped the grieving husband through it and fans thought the emotional scenes were handled beautifully.

In the episode, police were called after the man passed away following a battle with lung cancer. His grieving husband looked shocked to see officers at his door but it turned out that a nurse had made the call after discovering some medication missing.

Blue Lights tackled assisted dying. (BBC screengrab)
Blue Lights tackled assisted dying. (BBC screengrab)

Neil clearly had mixed emotions about accusing Chris of anything, and as they talked about what had happened he opened up about what his own wife went through.

“You know at the start you’d do anything to help them hold on just that little bit longer,” he said in the touching scene. “But by the end you’d do anything to help them let go.”

Chris later confided that he had helped his husband to die. But rather than turning him in, Neil gave him tips on how to play his police interview.

Viewers were moved, with one posting on X: “These scenes around assisted dying, tonight’s subplot story, are beautifully done and sensitively handled.” Another said: “Great drama to bring an assisted dying storyline into the middle of a turf war!”

Viewers were emotional over the storyline. (BBC screengrab)
Viewers were emotional over the storyline. (BBC screengrab)

“And this is why we need a discussion about assisted dying & personally people should have a choice,” commented another viewer.

“Oh, Stevie, you were amazing,” said someone else. “What an incredible, tender, heartbreaking storyline to put in the midst of the larger gang storyline. This series just gets better and better.”

“Had me in tears the part of the assisted dying,” one viewer wrote. “The way Stevie handled it was emotional but amazing acting.”

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Another fan said Neil was “breaking my heart”. “Oh, Stevie, what an absolute bloody star and top human being on so many levels,” posted someone else.

“No better script or acting on TV at the moment than Blue Lights,” one viewer remarked. “The way it shifts from mirth to genuine tension in a heartbeat is quite something. Quickest hour of the week.”