'Bleak' Aussie rental roasted over shocking detail

A woman looking for a property to rent has taken to Facebook to express frustration over the bleak rental market in Brisbane, sharing photos of a home up for lease with features most tenants would prefer to go without.

Advertised on several property listing sites including realestate.com.au, Domain and AllHomes, the three-bedroom home in New Farm, Queensland, has recently dropped in price and it's not hard to see why.

"Previously listed as $300 a week, this delightful little New Farm den could be yours for now only $225 a week," the woman wrote in her post with five accompanying images of the house. "It's literally got graffiti on the walls... The Brisbane market rental is bleak," she added.

Dilapidated Brisbane rental
A woman looking for a place to rent found a three-bedroom home in a far-from-desirable state. Source: Facebook

Writing on the wall

One of the photos featured a room with paint peeling off the ceiling and odd graffiti on the walls, including the word "Lawyers" with dates listed beneath it.

Facebook users had a mixed reaction to the listing, with some saying they wouldn't care about the scribbles on the walls, while others agreed the house would be a nightmare to live in.

"New Farm – the walls could be covered in faeces and it would still be popular!" someone commented.

"I guess this is in pretty good condition for a trap house,"another person joked.

Dilapidated Brisbane rental
It appears little has been done to improve the appearance of the Brisbane rental. Source: Facebook

"Is that mould on the roof?" someone else asked, while another replied, "I can smell the mildew. I'd take the tenant wanting to write that on the walls as a warning. There is clearly mould shadows in those pictures."

Easily fixed?

Others were a bit more optimistic, and not easily put off. "You pay more than that in a boarding house. I'd paint over the graffiti or put a picture up or something," someone chimed.

"Nothing a bit of paint and cleaning couldn't fix," another Facebook user wrote.

"I'd live there! But I'm very desperate," commented a third.

Reacting to some comments that the rental, despite its sorry state, is better than nothing, the author of the post added in the comments: "I'm just so fascinated by this place because so many real estates are making s**tholes look nice with editing lately, but this particular one was just like "nah here's a s**thole'."

Runcorn rental property
Renters were disgusted by this rental property in Runcorn, Queensland. Source: Facebook

'Mouldy wet dog'

One user pointed out another horrific listing of a three-bedroom house in Runcorn, Queensland, going for $430 a week.

"The carpets smell like mouldy wet dog," the woman described, adding video and images of the house. "Also no clothesline, no fans and faulty electricals. The hot water system was leaking from the top and had a brown sludge all over it."

Runcorn rental property
Photos of the Runcorn rental show signs of serious damage. Source: Facebook

The old house is also listed on several real estate sites.

Meanwhile, the price of the rental property with graffiti, listed by Arena Property Agents, has since been reduced to $200 a week. Both properties are still listed and are available for rent.

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