Bizarre moment driver fills tyre with cement

car tyre cement
Police confirmed they are investigating the circumstances after a man filled a tyre with concrete and filmed himself driving on a public road. Picture: TikTok

An investigation has been launched after a man created a viral video in which he filled a car tyre with cement, and filmed himself driving on the road.

The original videos were uploaded in early May, however, they have since been removed and replaced with similar clips that don’t show him driving.

Authorities identified the man as living in Queensland and confirmed they were investigating the incident, and whether offences were committed.

cement tyre
The videos have gone viral on TikTok and YouTube. Picture: TikTok
cement tyre
The cement on the tyre appears to crumble. Picture: TikTok

Queensland police are aware of the videos and are making further inquiries,” a Queensland police spokerperson said.

Executing the prank, car enthusiast behind the popular TikTok, Facebook and YouTube channel cuts a hole in his tyre before he fills it with rocks, and cement.

cement tyre
The tyre is filled with cement. Picture: TikTok
cement tyre
He then refits the car with the tyre. Picture: TikTok

He then refits his car with the cement tyre, and takes it for a test drive.

The new videos have been watched millions of times on TikTok and YouTube, with an accumulated 13 million views.

The same channel also features the man changing a tyre out of nails, duct tape, expanding foam and pool noodles.