WATCH: Angry groom drags bride from wedding car

A bizarre video is being shared online of a groom in China forcefully pulling his bride out of a car.

The unusual footage shows the irate man, believed to be the groom, angrily stepping out of the vehicle first before grabbing one of the woman's arms.

As she gets closer to the door he seems to reach under her armpits and drag her out.

The red vehicle is surrounded by wedding guests and the bride seems to collapse into the arms of one of them.

Bystanders have their arms around the bride while she moves away from the car. The groom, still angry, trudges through the crowd behind them.

The groom appears to forcibly remove his bride from the car. Source: Weibo/Xingzhi Media

Some reports claimed the incident occurred because of a row over money, and that the woman had originally demanded a payment of around $1,700 before she would exit the vehicle, however the groom has said that was not the case.

According to the Daily Mail, he claimed the driver of the car had demanded the couple give him gift money.

The groom was reportedly angry because their driver was 'greedy'. Source: Weibo/ Xingzhi Media

'It was because of the chauffeur of the wedding car. He stopped the car a few times on a 10-minute journey and asked for red packets,' Mr Li reportedly said.

The pair refused his demands so hurried away from the car when they pulled up.

According to The Sun, the bride has said her husband has apologised over the incident, “We were very happy during the wedding, we didn’t expect the video to be put online.”

The car is surrounded by wedding guests. Source: Weibo/ Xingzhi Media

The pair had been dating for four years before tying the knot.

Online reports claim the incident took place in the Anyue town of Ziyang city, Sichuan Province in January but the video was only uploaded to the internet on June 9.