Birthday celebration for world's oldest sloth in Adelaide

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Time moves slow for a sloth, especially for the oldest Hoffmann’s two-toed sloth in the world.

Adelaide Zoo is today hosting birthday celebrations for Miss C, who is turning 40.

It is especially remarkable because the normal life expectancy for a sloth is just 20 years.

Gayl Males from Adelaide Zoo said: “Celebrating one’s 40th birthday can, in some cases, come with a sense of mixed emotions for humans, but for Australia’s only female sloth this milestone is certainly cause for celebration.”

“Time definitely moves a lot slower for sloths, but to double the life expectancy of any animal is a true testament to the stellar care provided to Miss C over the years.”

Miss C the sloth hanging out at Adelaide Zoo. Photo: 7News.

Miss C was born in 1974, with records indicating she was only the fourth or fifth sloth to be born at the Adelaide Zoo.

Hoffmann’s Two-toed Sloths inhabit parts of Central and South America including Honduras, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Bolivia.

They also spend most of their life – including eating, sleeping, mating and giving birth – upside down.

The zoo said celebrations will continue throughout this weekend, giving visitors plenty of opportunity to wish Miss C a happy birthday.