Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell’s parents 'embroiled in family feud'

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Bindi and Chandler became engaged in July. Photo: Instagram/bindisueirwin/

Since news of Bindi Irwin’s engagement to Chandler Powell broke earlier this year, fans have been counting down until the young couple’s big day.

But the excitement is apparently not shared by everyone close to the pair, with a family feud allegedly brewing between the prospective in-laws.

The chatter was reported by Woman’s Day and appears to be centered around 22-year-old Chandler’s American parents, Shannan and Chris, who apparently want to spend more time with their son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law.

"Chandler lives with the Irwins, works with them and is about to become one of them to the point where he may as well take on Bindi's last name rather than the other way around,” a source told the publication.

Irwins’ fly by

However, the families’ distance seemed to have widened recently when the Irwins—and Chandler—took a trip to the US to promote their new show, and are reportedly did not make time to visit Chandler’s folks.

The apparent snub was apparently not well received by the Florida-based Powells, who were hurt their son and his new clan didn’t take the short flight to his hometown of Tampa.

"Chandler spends all his time on the other side of the world and yet there he was, two hours from his family, and the Irwins take precedent. It's making Shannan's blood boil," the source added.

The Irwins and Powells have, at times, been close. Photo: Instagram/bindisueirwin

History repeating itself

Adding fuel to the fire is the Irwins’ ongoing estrangement from much of Steve’s extended family, which resurfaced last month when patriarch Bob Irwin revealed he did not expect an invitation to his granddaughter’s wedding.

This initial falling out is believed to have been sparked two years after Steve’s death over differences of opinion with Terri and his son’s best mate Wes Carrion.

Steve’s older sister then joined in the chorus of criticism towards how Australia Zoo - which Bob founded in the 1970s - has been run over the past decade.

Joy Muscillo spoke to Daily Mail about the situation, calling the relatives’ distance towards one another a 'very sad' situation.

Bob Irwin with Bindi, Bob and Terri before he left the zoo, and lost contact with his late son's family. Photo: Getty Images

“I keep away from all that,” she said. “It's just very sad... family stuff.”

The very public rift has reportedly left Chandler’s mum Shannon worried her son’s marriage and move overseas could see something similar happen in her own family, according to that same source.

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