Billie Eilish makes acting debut as ‘cult leader’ in Donald Glover’s new series Swarm

Billie Eilish has made her acting debut in Swarm, Donald Glover’s new series for Prime Video.

A send-up of “stan” culture in thriller form, Swarm follows Dre (Dominique Fishback), a super-fan of a Beyoncé-esque pop megastar called Ni’Jah, who ends up going on a murderous rampage over her favourite musician.

The series, which arrives on Prime Video on Friday (17 March), co-stars Chloe Bailey as Dre’s sister, as well as Damson Idris.

But on Thursday (16 March), a teaser trailer dropped, announcing that Eilish would also be making a surprise appearance in the film.

In the clip, Dre tells the character played by Eilish: “I see milk spilled on the carpet.”

“What colour was the milk?” the singer asks back, to which Dre replies: “It was red.”

“Did you hurt someone?” Eilish whispers, smiling.

“Yes,” Dre answers, with Eilish replying: “Very good” and grinning.

The footage is taken from episode four of Swarm, in which Eilish plays a cult leader called Eva, Distractify reports.

The clip surprised and delighted fans, with one commenter writing: “Billie acting era, I’m here for it.”

“Billie sounds like she could play a serial killer in the best way possible,” another comment read.

Singer Gracie Abrams wrote: “Oh I’m obsessed.”

Eilish at the ‘Swarm’ premiere (Getty Images)
Eilish at the ‘Swarm’ premiere (Getty Images)

Fishback praised Eilish for her performance, writing: “That girl @billieeilish you’re so amazing in this. So impressed and incredibly honoured to be your first scene partner !!!!”

Eilish also appeared at the Swarm premiere on Tuesday (14 March), during which she wore a white oversized shirt, black tie and black trousers.

Atlanta creator Glover worked with Beyoncé on the 2019 live-action remake of The Lion King, where he voiced the Simba to her Nala.

The titular “swarm” of the show’s title is said to take inspiration from the “Beyhive”, the name of Beyoncé’s fans.

Swarm is now on Prime Video.