Bikies flee terrifying restaurant gang shootout leaving nine dead

Gemma Garkut with Yahoo US

The moment terrified bikies fled a restaurant torn apart by bullets in a Texan gang rival shoutout has been revealed on surveillance video.

The video shows what happened when a lunch-hour shootout between the Bandidos and Cossacks biker gangs erupted at Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas, killing nine people and injuring more than a dozen in May.

Twin Peaks restaurant was packed with bikies as gunfire erupted.

Some ran and others, including waitresses, cowered in the restaurant’s walk-in freezer — anything they could do to escape the bloody biker brawl erupting around them.

About 50 weapons, mostly knives and guns, were confiscated from the scene where 170 motorcycle club members were arrested.

Patrons of the Twin Peaks fled when gunfire erupted

Lawyers for both the Cossacks and the Bandidos say the CCTV shows the amount of arrests was not justified because most of the bikers were taking cover, not shooting.

A Waco mother who did not wish to be identified had two daughters waiting tables at Twin Peaks when the violence erupted.

Bikies fled in terror as shooting continued

One daughter was inside the restaurant and the other on the patio when the first gunshots were fired, she said.

On Facebook, her daughter Christal wrote “…all the bikers were running out with gun(s)! I f---ing fell and everything.”

Authorities said an argument over a parking spot sparked the riot.

Scantily-clad waitresses ran for their lives as the shooting persisted.
Police arrested over a hundred bikies over the event.

One man was injured when a vehicle rolled over his foot, which caused a dispute that continued inside the restaurant.

Fighting and then shooting began, before the melee spilled back outside.

More than 170 bikers were arrested

“What we went through Sunday was scary as s--t,” wrote Alicia, a Twin Peaks waitress, on her Facebook page at the time of the event.

“I wouldn’t want to have gone through it with anyone else. Being in that freezer with y’all made me see how much of a family we really are.”


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