Big Bang Theory stars reunite in first look at Young Sheldon finale

Big Bang Theory stars reunite in first look at Young Sheldon finale

CBS has released the first look at the upcoming Young Sheldon finale, which will feature an appearance from The Big Bang Theory cast members Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik.

Parsons and Bialik, who play Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler, previously confirmed they would feature in The Big Bang Theory spin-off’s final episode, which airs later this month.

Both actors have previously narrated episodes of Young Sheldon, which focuses on the exploits of neurodivergent physicist Sheldon in his youth (played by Iain Armitage).

However, the finale will be the first time fans see Sheldon and Amy’s life together after The Big Bang Theory ended in 2019.

In the first-look images, Sheldon and Amy are older than when the characters last appeared in The Big Bang Theory, five years ago.

The photos show Sheldon and Amy in his office together smiling at something on his laptop.

Numerous accolades decorate the walls of Sheldon’s office, including the Nobel Prize for Physics, which he won in the final season of The Big Bang Theory.

Fans have speculated the images could hint towards Amy and Sheldon being parents in the forthcoming episode.

“I feel like it’s been long enough now that we could start another spinoff about Sheldon and Amy as parents!” one person on X/Twitter said.

“Yep Dad Sheldon coming soon confirmed,” claimed a second fan after seeing the Young Sheldon images.

Back in February, Young Sheldon executive producer Steve Holland claimed they’d decided to wrap-up the series after its seventh season due to forthcoming events in Sheldon’s teenage life.

“We started talking about the future of the show, and what it looked like,” he told reporters. “This is the right time for this story to come to an end, knowing that at 14, he goes off to Cal Tech. It felt like the right time to end it strong while it was on top.”

Armitage also attended the press conference, and said: “Can’t we just leave it at: I’m tall and cool and I look like Jim [Parsons] now?”

It comes after Young Sheldon co-creator Chuck Lorre revealed the series almost didn’t happen – until he saw Armitage’s audition tape for the titular role.

“This guy killed it. And if that had not happened, we wouldn’t have gone forward,” he said. “It’s the miracle of casting Young Sheldon. It was one we understood was likely not going to happen but it did. And this family blossomed around him.”