Biden team thanks Trump for ‘lifting up’ strong economic news

Biden team thanks Trump for ‘lifting up’ strong economic news

President Biden’s reelection campaign thanked former President Trump on Monday for “lifting up” strong news on the economy after Trump claimed credit for the record-high stock market.

Ammar Moussa, spokesperson for Biden’s campaign, criticized Trump’s comments from earlier Monday and reminded him that Biden is in the White House, in a statement first shared with The Hill.

“Thank you Donald for lifting up today’s strong economic news, but on this planet, Joe Biden is the president, and is the one whose policies are helping achieve historic GDP growth, a stronger than ever stock market, and real job creation after Trump tanked our economy,” Moussa said.

Trump posted on Truth Social that he should get credit for the recent record highs of the stock market because of polls that show him ahead of Biden in a hypothetical 2024 rematch. He argued that polling is driving an optimistic outlook on Wall Street and that “investors are projecting” he wins in November and “that will drive the market up.”

Both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 index set record highs over the past week.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates also bashed Trump’s comments, touting that the economy under Biden was strong in 2023 and that Biden has also successfully taken steps to rebuild infrastructure and lower drug prices.

“While we do not comment on the 2024 election, we welcome the wide range of ideologically diverse voices who are increasingly conceding that President Biden is building an economy that actually delivers for hardworking families — not just billionaires or executives at multinational corporations,” Bates told The Hill.

Biden’s campaign also shared on X, formerly Twitter, a video of Trump claiming Biden winning in 2020 will collapse the stock market and shared a Trump post that said, “This is the Trump stock market.”

Trump has previously said he hopes the stock market crashes in the next year under Biden, arguing that he doesn’t want to be like former President Hoover if elected to another term.

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