Biden shares message of unity, optimism after clinching Democratic nomination

President Biden on Tuesday shared a message of unity and optimism ahead of November after he received enough delegates to clinch the Democratic presidential nomination.

“Four years ago, I ran for president because I believed we were in a battle for the soul of this nation. Because of the American people, we won that battle, and now I am honored that the broad coalition of voters representing the rich diversity of the Democratic Party across the country have put their faith in me once again to lead our party — and our country — in a moment when the threat Trump poses is greater than ever,” the president said in a statement.

He won the Georgia Democratic primary, according to Decision Desk HQ, to give him enough delegates. The win all but guarantees that the general election will be a 2020 rematch between Biden and former President Trump.

“I believe that the American people will choose to keep us moving into the future. With every crisis, America has always emerged stronger and more united on the other side. This November will be no different — and I believe we will do it together,” Biden said.

The president argued that Trump is “running a campaign of resentment, revenge, and retribution that threatens the very idea of America” and said that “freedom and democracy are at risk.”

“Voters now have a choice to make about the future of this country. Are we going to stand up and defend our democracy or let others tear it down? Will we restore the right to choose and protect our freedoms, or let extremists take them away? Will we finally make the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes — or will we allow corporate greed to run rampant on the backs of the middle class?” Biden said.

The president is traveling this week as part of a tour across battleground states following his State of the Union address Thursday. He will be in Wisconsin on Wednesday and will later travel to Michigan.

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