Biden puts $60M into three geothermal energy projects

The Biden administration is putting $60 million into three geothermal energy pilot projects, it announced Tuesday.

Geothermal energy is energy from the heat of the earth that is trapped underground in hot water reservoirs. This type of energy is carbon-free and does not emit greenhouse gases.

It can be used to generate electricity and also to heat buildings.

The funds, from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, will fund three projects that aim to demonstrate that geothermal energy that comes from man-made reservoirs is effective and able to be used on a large scale.

The projects receiving federal funds are a Chevron New Energies project in California, a Fervo Energy project in Utah and a Mazama Energy project in Oregon.

An Energy Department analysis found last year that the U.S. could get enough geothermal energy onto the grid to power 65 million homes in 2050.

“These projects will help us advance geothermal power, including into regions of the country where this renewable resource has never before been used,” Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said in a written statement.

She added that the pilot projects “will help us realize the full potential of the heat beneath our feet to reduce carbon emissions, create domestic jobs, and deliver clean, cost-effective, reliable energy.”

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