Biden celebrates Israel’s rescue of 4 hostages, vowing ‘we won’t stop’

President Biden celebrated Israel’s successful rescue of four hostages from Gaza, vowing that the U.S. “won’t stop” until all of the hostages are returned and a cease-fire is reached in the enclave.

Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron praised the operation during their joint international press conference on Saturday in Paris. Both leaders touted the cooperation between the U.S. and France, along with ensuring that both Western countries will continue to support Ukraine as the country fends off Russia’s invasion.

“We won’t stop working until all the hostages come home and a ceasefire is reached,” Biden said before diving into the latter part of his remarks which lasted less than five minutes in total. “That is essential to happen.”

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said that it along with two other units — Israel Police and Israel Securities Authority — had rescued four hostages in a special operation from two locations in central Gaza. All four of the individuals were kidnapped by the Palestinian militant group Hamas during the Nova music festival, according to the IDF. The military said all of them were in “good” medical condition and were sent off to a medical center for additional tests.

Macron, who delivered his remarks right before Biden, welcomed the liberation of the hostages and he, again, called for an immediate cease-fire that, in his view, would bring “lasting” peace in the area.

“We want to achieve an immediate ceasefire and open up the prospect of a political solution, which is the only one that can bring about a fair and lasting peace and meet the security concerns of both people,” Macron said in the nation’s capital.

The French leader said France is supportive of the U.S. “comprehensive” proposal which Biden detailed last week at the White House. The proposal, which Biden said was Israel-led, would include a six-week cease-fire and trigger a withdrawal of the IDF from populated areas, while all of the hostages would be released. The plan, which is still being evaluated by all negotiators, has gotten some flack from China and Russia at the United Nations.

Biden also touted the $61 billion defense package for Ukraine and, again, apologized for it being delivered “late” as the legislation was passing through both chambers of Congress.

“You know Putin’s not going to stop at Ukraine,” he said. “All of Europe will be threatened. The United States is not going to let that happen…we will not walk away.”

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