Beyerdynamic debuts its first open-ear true wireless headphones

The company's VERIO 200 and new mobile app are available today.


Several audio companies have been hopping on the open-ear earbuds bandwagon, a headphone design where the speaker rests outside the listener's ear rather than inside it. Beyerdynamic is the latest to offer this listening option with the VERIO 200, the brand's first set of open-ear true wireless headphones. The set retails for $220 and is available to order today.

Open-ear headphones can come with some sacrifices to audio quality, but this set features a custom 16.22mm graphene driver. Using the lightweight graphene in speakers can cut down on sound distortion, so the high-end material could help negate that usual performance tradeoff with this style. The open-ear approach can also be more comfortable if you don't enjoy the usual in-ear earbud experience. And you'll be able to hear your surroundings much better with this design, something that can be important for people wearing these in outdoor settings. VERIO 200 has a hook design that is intended to keep the headset secure even during physical activity.

Beyerdynamic VERIO 200
Beyerdynamic VERIO 200 (Beyerdynamic)

Battery life is always a concern with true wireless devices, but Beyerdynamic claims pretty solid longevity. The company says that the VERIO 200 has up to eight hours of battery life, and its charging case adds another 27 hours. The buds are Bluetooth 5.3-compatible and can pair with both iOS and Android devices. They can be controlled by voice or through Beyerdynamic's new mobile app, which offers full custom EQ capabilities and sound tuning.

The company has secured several firsts in its recent product launches, including its first wireless gaming headset in 2023 and its first true wireless earbuds in 2022.