Ben Affleck forms boyband with Matt Damon and Tom Brady in Super Bowl advert

Ben Affleck embarrassed his wife Jennifer Lopez in a new Super Bowl advert credit:Bang Showbiz
Ben Affleck embarrassed his wife Jennifer Lopez in a new Super Bowl advert credit:Bang Showbiz

Ben Affleck made his wife Jennifer Lopez cringe by forming a boyband with his pals Matt Damon and Tom Brady in a Super Bowl advert.

The 51-year-old Hollywood actor – who is the face of doughnut chain Dunkin' – filmed a new commercial for the brand which aired during the big game on Sunday night (11.02.24) and shows Ben storming into Jennifer's studio session with his group 'The DunKings' who were all dressed in bright orange outfits.

Ben hollered: "What up punks. For your consideration. Here comes the Boston massacre! The DunKings".

The actor then started performed a track with Tom playing keyboards and Matt standing to one side holding a microphone, apologising profusely and muttering: "Sometimes it's really hard to be your friend."

After the performance, Tom asks: "Are we going to be on the album?" and Jennifer addresses her husband, saying: "We talked about this."

After failing to impress the pop star and land a spot on her album, Ben's group trudges off but Jennifer calls out: "Tom, you can stay".

Ben and Matt are then seen walking off with 'The Martian' star saying: "Remember when I told you I'd do anything for you? This is anything."

Ben then added: "Chill. They're naming a drink after us."

The advert was part two of Ben's pop star journey after a previously spot showed him setting out on a journey to prove he's not glum by following his wife Jennifer into the music industry.

He was seen trying out dance moves with influencer Charli D’Amelio and giving himself a motivational talk saying: "They tell you you’re no good. You’re a goofy, middle-aged, clumsy white guy with no rhythm and you can’t sing on key. You’re not coordinated. That means I can't be a pop star? Underestimate Boston? At your peril."

Ben and Jennifer previously debuted their Dunkin' partnership during the Super Bowl last year. The actor was seen working in a branch of the doughnut at the drive-thru window when his wife pulls up and scolds him, saying: "What are you doing? Is that what you do when you say you're going to work all day?"