Bella Thorne never takes her jewellery off

Bella Thorne loves her own brand credit:Bang Showbiz
Bella Thorne loves her own brand credit:Bang Showbiz

Bella Thorne is constantly wearing items from her own jewellery line.

The 26-year-old actress launched her jewellery brand, THORNE, in 2022, and Bella has revealed that she's a huge fan of the designs.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Belle shared: "My jewellery is just an additive of who I am. So I work out in it, I sleep in it and I shower in it. I just never take it off."

Bella also revealed that Mark Emms, her fiance, has played an influential role with her brand.

The actress explained that she's created a range of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces that are snuggle-safe, meaning they don't scratch or dig into the skin.

Bella remains best-known for her acting work, and the 'Shake It Up' star previously claimed that Hollywood is "one of the more out-of-the box places".

The actress believes that, contrary to popular opinion, Hollywood actually welcomes different kinds of people.

Bella told The Hollywood Reporter: "The world puts us in a box.

"I think that Hollywood’s probably actually one of the more out-of-the b-ox places where people can be applauded for being different, for being scarred or traumatised, all these things. You’re able to share your story. We give people the room to do that honestly and brutally raw and there are people who are able to take those chances.

"I actually think Hollywood’s pretty cool for letting people be different, especially in the music industry. That’s where you really see it, too. But everything is also about money at the end of the day. If they can sell it, they will like it."