Bedroom footage that put partner behind bars: 'I'd probably be dead'

Domestic violence victim Cloey Noonan believes the footage saved her life.

An Adelaide man found guilty of domestic violence has been put behind bars after his ex-partner handed over shocking bedroom footage of his behaviour to police.

Security cameras which were initially set up in their home to monitor their two young children quickly became another way Brendan Williams could monitor their mother.

The bedroom footage of the husband intimidating the Aussie mother.
Cloey Noonan sent the bedroom footage to police and believes the evidence of her ex-partner's abuse saved her life. Source: A Current Affair

"It became that I was being surveillanced 24/7. If I said something wrong, he'd come home and abuse me," victim Cloey Noonan told A Current Affair.

After years of abuse, she found the courage to use the footage to her own advantage, saving clips which highlighted the abusive behaviour she was subjected to in her own house.

"I watched it [the footage] back before forwarding it to the police, and sat there bawling my eyes out because I was watching a video and I could see it was me, but I couldn't remember it," she said.

Asked how crucial the camera footage was in helping her escape the abusive environment, she said without it "I'd probably be dead".

Alarming rates of domestic violence in Australia

Domestic and family violence is disturbingly common in Australia, with one in six women experiencing it, Mission Australia reports. It is also recorded as the leading cause of homelessness among women and children.

There has been a seemingly never-ending list of media reports covering deaths of women at the hands of their partners, with it estimated one woman a week is murdered by her current or former partner on average.

The federal budget announced on Tuesday has promised to invest $589.3 million over the next four years in an attempt to meet the goal of ending violence against woman "within a generation". This is in addition to the $1.7 billion announced in the October budget, yet professionals in the sector warn it will not be enough to achieve the goal.

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