Revealed: How you can get a five-star rating on Uber

Uber has revealed how to become a five-star rider, by avoiding actions that are most likely to annoy your Uber driver.

Customers and drivers on Uber are rated from one to five-stars, but it is very difficult to get a top rating, and less than 20 per cent of drivers have a five-star rating.

So how can you achieve that elusive five-star status?

Location, location, location

One way to ensure a bad rating, is to show up at the wrong pick-up location and keep the driver waiting.

“Many riders either drop their pin in the wrong spot, request a ride before they’re at their pick-up spot, or try to get picked up in no-go zones like at bus stops or in no-stopping areas,” Uber said in a statement. 

Uber has revealed how to become a five-star rider and driver. Source: Getty

Before booking a trip, riders should take a moment to check that they are at the same pick-up location that they selected in the app.

Riders who are running late to their pick-up location can also contact their driver through the in-app messaging tool, so drivers know when to expect them.

Mind your manners

One of the easiest ways to boost your rating is to mind your manners and exchange basic pleasantries with your driver. Many riders are so caught up in getting to their destination that they completely ignore their drivers.

“It may seem obvious, but taking a moment to greet your driver and ask them how their day is going is one of the best ways to make a good first impression,” Uber said.

“It’s surprising how many people forget basic pleasantries like saying hello, please, thank you and ‘enjoy the rest of your day’.”

Simply having a chat can make a big difference to your driver’s experience.

No slamming

A pet peeve of drivers is customers who forcefully slam the doors when they exit the car. This comes across as rude and can also damage the driver’s car.

Uber recommends that riders “close the door firmly without slamming it”, to make a good impression on your driver. 

Take your rubbish with you

Drivers ferry dozens of passengers a day and have little tolerance for riders who treat their cars like rubbish bins.

One of the easiest ways to boost your rating is to mind your manners and exchange basic pleasantries with your Uber driver. Source: Getty

“Unless your driver offers you somewhere to leave your rubbish, make sure you take your used coffee cup or kebab when you leave,” Uber said.

Avoid back-seat driving

The cardinal sin of ride-sharing services is to be a bossy back-seat driver.

“No one likes a back seat driver, so telling driver-partners to speed up, change lanes last minute or run a yellow light is a shortcut to a low rider rating,” Uber said.

Instead of telling your driver where to go, the company advises that riders change their destination and pick-up points in the app, to avoid confusion.

To check Uber ratings, simply open the app and tap the menu and ratings are displayed below riders’ names.