Bebe Rexha unloads on fan who attempted to throw something at her on stage

Bebe Rexha kicked a concertgoer out of her recent show after the person allegedly attempted to throw an object at her on stage.

The 34-year-old “I’m Good (Blue)” singer was performing at Palmesus festival in Kristiansand, Norway on Saturday (6 July) when the incident occurred.

In footage circulating on social media, Rexha tells someone in the crowd: “If you hit me with something on the stage, I will take you for everything you’ve f***ing got.

“Do not f***ing play with me right now.”

The video then cuts to the singer working with security to identify the concertgoer.

“Which one? Which one?” she asks. “Point to the person. I want to see him,” she told the audience.

“Out. Get the f*** out. That’s it. It’s done for you,” she says as a member of the audience is lifted out of the crowd and escorted away.

Rexha’s representatives did not immediately respond to The Independent’s request for comment.

The pop star has been injured by a fan-thrown object in the past.

Around this time last year, Rexha was performing in New York when a concertgoer launched a phone from the crowd, hitting her in the face.

Bebe Rexha received stitches above her left eye after a fan threw their phone at her on stage in 2023 (Bebe Rexha/Instagram)
Bebe Rexha received stitches above her left eye after a fan threw their phone at her on stage in 2023 (Bebe Rexha/Instagram)

The singer collapsed to the floor and was taken to hospital where she received stitches above her left eye. She later showed fans her injuries, which included a black eye, on Instagram alongside the caption, “Im good.”

The man who threw the object was arrested and charged with two counts of assault, one charge of aggravated harassment, one charge of attempted assault and one charge of harassment.

He eventually struck a plea deal and was sentenced to 40 days of community service, according to Rolling Stone.

The incident appeared to spark a trend of fans throwing items at performers on stage.

Harry Styles was hit in the face by a thrown object during a live performance in Vienna last July while pop-rock singer Pink was shocked when a fan threw what she claimed was a bag of her mother’s ashes onto the stage.

A few days later, singer Ava Max said an alleged stage invader “slapped her so hard” during a show in Los Angeles that it scratched the inside of her eye, while country-pop singer Kelsea Ballerini was hit in the face by a friendship bracelet thrown by a fan during her concert in Idaho.

Adele spoke out against the bizarre trend during her Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace.

“Have you noticed how people are like, forgetting f***ing show etiquette at the moment?” the Grammy-winning British singer asked her audience last year. “People just throwing s*** on stage, have you seen that?

“I f***ing dare you. Dare you to throw something at me and I’ll f***ing kill you,” she joked.