Beach sign goes viral over SEVEN 'deadly' warnings: 'Welcome to Australia'

Warnings are fairly standard at Aussie beaches, but this sign surely eclipses them all.

An Aussie beach has gone viral online over it's extensive list of hazards warning potential swimmers, with one international traveller joking the spot "will kill you".

Mindarie Beach, in Perth's north, has seven warnings in place for swimmers hoping to enjoy a dip in the ocean along the pristine stretch of coastline, including cautions about submerged rocks, sharks and even snakes.

The popular strip, which is not patrolled by lifeguards, sits south of the Mindarie Keys Marina and is about 27 kilometres north of the city's CBD.

Mindarie Beach, in Perth's north, is trending online over its extensive list of hazards. Source: Reddit / Google Maps.
Mindarie Beach, in Perth's north, is trending online over its extensive list of hazards. Source: Reddit / Google Maps.

Rocks, sharks and even snakes?

In addition to the rocks and deadly creatures, signage posted along the beach also warns swimmers of dangerous currents, dumping waves a lack of lifesavers and shallow waters.

On Reddit, where the sign attracted an onslaught of attention, one person summarised the sign by saying: “Warning: This beach will kill you. Have fun.”

"This is actually the kiddy beach in Australia. It gives the kids a chance to develop their immunity to various venoms, and learn animal combat while they're young," another joked.

"Yeah you just can't be messing around in the Australia, everything is really dangerous," said a third. "Australian wildlife is out of control," another said.

"Welcome to Australia," one person bluntly said.

Locals say sign 'standard' for Australia

While many reacted in horror at the amount of cautions listed on the sign, some locals hit back, saying the sign was fairly standard for an Aussie beach, and is nothing to worry about.

"These are pretty standard warnings to be fair. On the other side of the country there will be additional warnings for crocodiles and stingers (box jellyfish, irukandji, blue bottles etc)," a person wrote.

Others claimed the sign was put in place "to scare tourists that can’t swim”.

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