BBC's I Kissed a Girl introduces new cast to the Masseria

beth, em and lailah on i kissed a girl
BBC's I Kissed a Girl introduces new cast membersTwoFour - BBC

I Kissed a Girl spoilers follow.

The BBC's I Kissed a Girl is welcoming three new singles to the Masseria this weekend.

The sexual tension is already piping hot in the Italian country house, but presenter Dannii Minogue has a surprise up her sleeve for any contestants ready to settle down.

In Sunday's (May 12) episode, Dannii reveals that three new singletons will arrive for the next Kiss Off.

The first of the newbies is Beth, a 25-year-old paralegal from Bath. Known for her unmistakable laugh, Beth has credited I Kissed a Girl with playing "a huge part in normalising queerness".

beth on i kissed a girl
TwoFour - BBC

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Beth came out at the age of 14, but says her "inner gay" has really started to come out since moving to London.

Also entering the Masseria will be 25-year-old Em, a cancer research scientist from Surrey who hopes to travel across Europe in her converted van.

Em was previously in a long-term relationship with a man, and while she originally planned to marry him, they called things off when she opened up about her sexuality. The former couple remain good friends to this day.

"I hope I've shown that staying true to yourself is always the best way to be, whether that is making tough decisions about your sexuality and relationships or being honest about who you actually fancy," Em said. "Honesty is always the best policy!”

em on i kissed a girl
TwoFour - BBC

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Lailah, a 25-year-old student and footballer for Lugano FC Women, will be rounding out the new arrivals. Lailah lives at home in Cardiff with her family and three dogs, but is ready for the next chapter in her life.

Lailah describes herself as a proud bisexual woman of colour looking for someone with a similarly chilled energy and love for adventure.

lailah on i kissed a girl
TwoFour - BBC

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"It was amazing being in a fully queer environment," she said. "Growing up feeling like a minority, for me it was a nice change to know we were all girls that liked girls."

Will these ladies turn any heads inside the Masseria with a kiss?

I Kissed A Girl will continue on Sunday (May 12) at 9pm on BBC Three, and will also be available on BBC iPlayer.

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