I can barely believe I'm 60, says Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz can "barely believe" he's 60.

The music star celebrated his landmark birthday on May 26 and Lenny admits that he's still loving life as much as ever.

He told the Guardian newspaper: "I can barely believe it myself. But it’s beautiful."

Lenny also revealed the secrets to his youthful-looking appearance.

He said: "It’s a combination of genes, self-care, hard work and discipline."

Despite this, Lenny has "never thought" that he's particularly handsome.

The 'Fly Away' hitmaker shared: "I never thought that and still don’t think that."

Asked if that's really how he feels, Lenny replied: "I’m telling you the truth. I have grown to accept myself and be comfortable with myself, but I have never been one to look in a mirror and go: ‘Ooh yeah, look at that! You’re so beautiful.’ And especially not back then, as a teen. Absolutely not."

Lenny follows a strict workout regime, even though he has a packed work schedule.

The singer said: "Take last night. I worked all day, interviews, rehearsing into the night, get home at 11pm. I need to eat something. Now it’s 1am. I didn’t get my workout. So I went to the gym and I did a 90-minute workout at 2am. I don’t want to be in the gym at 2am, but I know that I must."

Asked why he feels the need to workout, Lenny explained: "Because it’s part of my discipline - it’s about body, mind and spirit. I want all of those three elements aligned.

"If my body’s in shape and my spirit and mind are not, then it’s just something nice to look at or to boast about. Who cares? For me, all of it has to be aligned. And I have to do the work it takes to have all of those in alignment so my being can be at its maximum."