Barber's heartwarming act for overwhelmed boy with autism

A barber has been praised for accommodating a young boy with autism.

Bryce Juby, 7, of Ohio, was diagnosed with autism and apraxia of speech and was nonverbal until he was five.

However, Brycen started to tolerate the haircuts without crying, and Ashley and her husband, Joe Juby, thought it might be time to try a barber again.

Knowing that Brycen could get upset, they reached out to Marky Fresh Barbershop asking if they could get their son a haircut after the shop was closed.

Marco Conti, the co-owner of the barbershop, responded to their direct message and immediately and set up an appointment after hours.

"Marco was happy to help any way he could,” Brycen’s mum told Yahoo.

“To find someone so accommodating was such a relief."

Bryce Ruby, who has autism, gets his haircut outside by Marco Conti. Bryce's dad Joe holds his face to comfort him. Source: Facebook

When Brycen and his father arrived, the boy "became very emotional with the whole situation", Mr Conti said.

The barber recognised that Brycen felt more comfortable outside the shop, so he asked if it would be OK if he cut his hair outside.

"Brycen, with tears down his cheeks, agreed," Mr Conti said.

They moved a chair outside and the barber started to trim away at Brycen's hair as Mr Juby cradled his son's face. The moment was captured on camera.

While a haircut may just be another run-of-the-mill errand, this one holds a special meaning for the family. This is Brycen's first year at public school, and picture day is on Thursday.

Mr Conti said he was happy to accomodate the boy. Source: Fox 8

"This is a new start for Brycen, being at the public school," Ms Juby said.

"He has worked so hard to be in a bigger school and was so ready."

This was also a first for the Marky Fresh brand, but it "won't be the last”.

"This has opened doors for those parents that were silent and those that just didn’t know that we are more than willing to help," Mr Conti said.

Brycen’s mum said Mr Conti’s example showed "there are kind, patient, understanding people out there”.

"Marco was ready for however the situation would turn out,” she said.

Mr Conti added he felt it was the barber shop’s responsibility to open their hearts “and to accommodate everyone” as best they can.

"I just wanted him to feel loved and comfortable and safe and that there was nothing to fear,” he said.

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