Bali tourists warned after X-rated items confiscated

In just six months, authorities seized $343,000 worth of illegal belongings from travellers in airports.

Tourists heading to Indonesia with the hope of a red-hot holiday got a little bit more than they bargained for when their sex toys were put on full public display for all to see this week.

During a bizarre press conference on Tuesday, Indonesian customs authorities displayed an array of dildos and other illicit goods seized from travellers entering the country from January to July this year, local publications reported.

Indonesian customs officials with the sex toys confiscated from tourists. Officials setting the illegal items on fire in a blue metal barrel.
From January to July this year, Indonesian customs officials confiscated 27 sex toys, dozens of bottles of alcohol and millions of cigarettes from tourists. Source: PunapiBali

In just six months, officials with the Bali, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) and East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Customs Office said they confiscated 27 sex toys, dozens of bottles of alcohol, weapons, textiles, animal remains and 4.3 million cigarettes, totalling roughly $AUD343,000.

Video footage posted to social media shows authorities addressing reporters before setting the items, placed into several large metal troughs and barrels, on fire. They also appear to destroy weapons with a large saw and hammers.

“In almost every airport customs office there is usually confiscation of sex toys,” Bali, NTB, and NTT Customs Head Susila Brata said, according to Coconuts Bali. “They are usually brought by passengers heading to Bali.”

While sex toys are not specifically prohibited under Indonesia’s Anti-Pornography Law, some officials may deem them inappropriate for violating cultural and religious norms, the publication reports.

People play beach volleyball at Canggu Beach in Bali at sunset.
Indonesian authorities are continuing to focus their efforts on cracking down on unruly travellers. Source: AAP

Continued crackdown on tourists

The public demonstration comes as the popular holiday destination continues to crack down on unruly tourists. In July, the Indonesian government announced every foreigner arriving in Bali will be required to pay a levy of 150,000 Indonesian Rupiah, equivalent to approximately A$15, from mid-2024.

When announcing the new fee, Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, said the revenue would be used to repair the island’s fragile natural habitats, which are often seen strewn with rubbish in footage posted online.

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