Backpacker stuns with Aussie video: 'Looks like a good place to die'

The traveller's video of Bunda Cliffs in South Australia's Nullarbor has captured the imagination of millions online.

A backpacker's TikTok video has been the envy of millions as it showcases the "beautiful" landscape at one of her recent pitstops in Australia.

Dani's social media accounts are full of scenic shots of various Aussie locations, with the traveller documenting her trip around the country, but one particular video showing a breathtaking view in South Australia has prompted equal measures of fear and FOMO online.

Backpacker Dani on the right wearing sunglasses and a straw hat, while on the left the view of the Bunda Cliffs in the Nullarbor can be seen.
Backpacker Dani is documenting her travels around Australia, with the spectacular views of the Bunda Cliffs in the Nullarbor capturing the imagination of many online. Source: TikTk and Instagram/daninatalie

The video shows an aerial view, presumably captured by drone, of the Bunda Cliffs where the staggering Nullarbor Plain meets the unforgiving crystal blue waves of the ocean hundreds of metres below.

The traveller's van can just about be spotted in the video, appearing as a speck as it is engulfed by the shear magnitude of Australia's landscape around it. The spectacular spot is located in the Nullarbor National Park and is roughly halfway between Adelaide and Perth.

Internet responds to 'amazing' Aussie view

The video of the formidable waves smashing against the impressively tall and dry land conjured mixed emotions with viewers.

Some revelled in how humbling the image was, as one woman said the"vastness is insane" while another noted it's "legit the edge of the world", whereas others felt terror at the prospect of the visiting the location.

"My inner anxiety would be scared the cliff would collapse," one wrote.

"Me fearing my car will all of a sudden roll backwards," another said.

After watching the video others claimed to be adding the location to their "bucket list" and expressed that it "looks like a good place to die".

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